Support Offsetting the Carbon Emissions of CLiGS Air Travel

To accomplish our mission, we have to travel around the world. But we don’t have to contribute to carbon emissions to do it.

CLiGS is an organization focused on sustainability, but its faculty and students engage in extensive travel, both domestic and international, for its various programs, and this travel is a significant source of carbon emissions. Being an organization that promotes environmentally enhancing behaviors, CLiGS must also consider the impacts its own programs have on the environment. Many people look to organizations such as CLiGS to create solutions to the many sustainability challenges faced throughout the globe, but also expect these organizations to be mindful of the environmental footprints they create during the process.

Since CLiGS’ formation in 2012, its educational programs have logged more than 3 million passenger miles, and emitted more than 600,000 Kilograms of carbon dioxide, and these figures will continue to rise as the Center builds new and exciting global learning opportunities. Now is the time to be able to do something about that, while at the same time contributing to the CLiGS sustainability mission. In addition, your donation will allow CLiGS to participate in a real, additional, verifiable, enforceable, and permanent carbon offset program with The Gold Standard Foundation.

Making a gift online is quick and easy using Virginia Tech Foundation’s secure online-giving page.

1. Enter the amount of your gift in the box designated.

Screenshot of giving instructions

2. Click on the “Enter your own” button and type “CLiGS Fund 875788” in the box provided.

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3. Follow the remaining instructions to complete your gift.

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To contribute by check, please make your payable to the “Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.,” write “CLiGS Fund 875788” on your check’s memo line, and mail it to:

Virginia Tech University Development
902 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061

**All contributions are tax-deductible.