About CLiGS

The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS), a center within Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) and based in the National Capital Region (NCR), provides education, research, and leadership to navigate in a rapidly changing world towards a more sustainable future.  Bringing together faculty and students from Virginia Tech with partners from other educational, business, civic, and government institutions, CLiGS is dedicated to exploring and facilitating collaborative approaches to sustainable development in globally interconnected ecological, economic, and social environments. CLiGS offers a range of graduate education and professional development programs to prepare students to be leaders in environmental and natural resource sustainability.

Our Approach

CLiGS works at the intersection of human activity and natural systems, building leadership capacity for sustainable development through education, research, and partnerships that influence decision-making.

We help networks, organizations, and individuals develop workable strategies to improve human and community well being while restoring and enhancing robust ecosystem and economic prosperity. We do this by building leadership capacity, knowledge, and practice to advance integrated sustainability solutions.

How We Work

CLiGS is building diverse and growing network of experts spanning many disciplines, professions, and sectors who all have a common interest in sustainable development strategies.  From this network, we assemble teams with specific knowledge and skills tailored to each project or challenge.  The team works first to define the challenge, then collaborates with our clients and partners to design and implement practical solutions and strategies that work for them on the ground.

Our experts are thought leaders in their fields.  Together, they bring a unique blend of academic and professional experience to projects and initiatives that span the ecological, economic, and social dimensions in a variety of topic areas.

CLiGS is building a global network of projects and partnerships in regions where rapid development puts enormous pressure on the long-range sustainability of ecosystem services.

What We Do

Sustainability strategies can involve original research, live and web-based professional training and education, process engineering, leadership development, and team development. We understand that change cannot be driven from a single point of view, so we focus on creating and sustaining networks among stakeholders who share common goals.  We help facilitate non-traditional partnerships and alliances – bridging traditional professional, sector, disciplinary, and ideological boundaries.  We serve as convener, process designer and manager, network builder and facilitator, and provider of specialized education and training for sustainability.