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Cross-Sector Collaboration: Conserving the Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom

This paper explores the intricate relationships between the many organizations that exist and work in the Cape Winelands District of South Africa. Our team visited this area to investigate the nature of the relationships between the famers/wineries with the multitude of governmental, non-profit, and nongov read more

Land Restoration in the Baviaanskloof: A Return of Inspiration & Natural, Economic, and Social Capital

Four Returns is a South African for-profit development company that forms partnerships to restore degraded catchments, participates with the green economy, and improves livelihoods in South Africa. Four Returns has partnered with the local non-profit organization, Living Lands, to restore the degraded landsc read more

SABMiller: From Happy Hour Heroes to Sustainability Leaders

This report examines SABMiller PLC’s process for conserving water within South Africa. Using fictional characters, readers will be taken step by step through partnership programs that SABMiller utilizes to address the huge water demand within its supply chain, and lessen its and other’s consumption throu read more

Marc Stern in Libano

The Multidimensionality of Trust Applications in Collaborative Natural Resource Management

Despite the long-recognized importance of trust in the natural resources management literature, few have drawn upon the breadth of other disciplines’ investigations of trust to inform their work. This article represents an effort to break down the concept of trust into its component parts in an attempt read more

Innovating Solutions to Deforestation: Cross-Sector Collaboration in the Amazon

Global supply chains bring jobs and opportunities to developing regions but also can cause problematic impacts to businesses, governments, communities, and environments where production occurs, such as the deforestation occurring in the Amazon. Innovative strategies are being developed in response to these read more

Restoring Nature: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities

Ecological restoration is an inherently challenging endeavour. Not only is its underlying science still developing, but the concept itself raises complex questions about nature, culture and the role of humans in the landscape. Using a recent controversy over ecological restoration efforts in Chicago as a tou read more