Arlington Community Energy Plan

Cites will play a key role in any climate change solution and community energy planning will be one of the key strategies cities use to do it. CLiGS main offices are located in Arlington, just adjacent to Washington DC and within the National Capital metroplex. Arlington provides us a living laboratory and opportunity to serve our community with student projects and faculty outreach. Its innovative Community Energy Plan sets an ambitious target of 3.0 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per capita per year by 2050, which would put Arlington far below the per capita emissions in the U.S. and on par with the current emissions of Copenhagen, Denmark, a recognized leader in low-carbon urbanism. Arlington’s lead energy planner, Rich Dooley, a CLiGS Fellow, teaches in our classroom and collaborates on research and outreach. Our XMNR graduate program takes advantage of the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning. Student consulting teams contribute to projects that examine and develop different aspects of the CEP.

2013 Student Projects

2014 Student Projects