David Robertson
Climate Professional: a Career Path for Sustainability Leaders
May 16, 2019 — David Robertson

Global sustainability professionals are a diverse lot, with a wide variety of sub-groups. For example, did you know that there are literally thousands of “climate professionals” working directly or indirectly on climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives in the United States alone? These climate professionals are based in urban and rural areas throughout the country. They operate at local, national, and international scales within and across all sectors, including business, government, and civil society organizations. While these climate professionals are widely… Read More
David Robertson
Are Green Jobs Looking Even Greener?
May 9, 2019 — David Robertson

Recent reports by GreenBiz, the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM), Acre, and others suggest that career opportunities for global sustainability professionals are numerous and lucrative. Let’s take a look at some of those findings and what they mean for graduate students seeking career advancement or change. There are more jobs in the sustainability field, and they are more accessible to newcomers and outsiders. This may be especially true in the business sector. According to GreenBiz’s State of the Profession… Read More
Jennifer Wills
Seven “soft skills” to stay professionally relevant
May 2, 2019 — Jennifer Wills

According to a recent jobs report by the World Economic Forum, the future of the workforce will require interpersonal and leadership skills (e.g., empathy, collaboration), and this is as true for global sustainability professionals as it is for other careers. The report emphasizes that “‘Human’ skills such as creativity, originality and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion, and negotiation will likewise retain or increase their value, as will attention to detail, resilience, flexibility and complex problem-solving. Emotional intelligence, leadership and social influence,… Read More
What can social science teach us about sustainability?
April 22, 2019 — Alec Masella

As we celebrate Earth Day today, sustainability challenges are top of mind for many people around the world. And with good reason—at its core, sustainability is a deeply human issue. That’s why knowing how to navigate the complexities of human behavior can be immensely useful in tackling environmental challenges.   Having researched socially driven environmental issues for twenty years, Virginia Tech professor Dr. Marc Stern has funneled his accumulated knowledge, along with the research of others, into a handy reference… Read More
David Robertson
Bright Career Prospects for Global Sustainability Professionals
April 11, 2019 — David Robertson

The employment market for global sustainability professionals (GSPs) is thriving. GSPs work in a surprisingly wide variety of jobs at all levels and in all sectors, including business, government, and civil society organizations. GSPs work on topics ranging from climate and energy to food and agriculture to water and health. These jobs can be in large and small organizations located in cities and rural areas worldwide. Diverse backgrounds matter  Likewise, the career paths and employment histories of GSPs are quite… Read More