Rebecca Lamphear and classmates in India for their International Field Experience in January 2015

My Glimpse at Different Conservation Solutions in India

As I arrived at the airport and prepared to meet my classmates from the Online Master of Natural Resources program in person for the very first time, I began to feel a bit apprehensive at the task before us. Our goal: an analysis of the sustainable livelihood programs in the Western Terai-Arc Tiger Conservation landscape, State of Uttarakhand, India. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this ten-day International Field Experience but several questions crossed my mind right off the bat. (more…)

forest to faucet

Leading the Way from Forests to Faucets

Forests improve our drinking water: nearly 75 percent of the Northeast and Midwest region’s population relies on forests to reduce sedimentation and remove excess nutrients from the surface water they drink. CLiGS recently had the opportunity to interview Buck Kline about his experiences as a leader of efforts to improve forests and water. This interview provides insight on the virtues of ecosystem services, associated water quality challenges, and practical skills needed for effective leadership. (more…)

Robert Cox, an Online Master of Natural Resources alumnus, met with scientists and curriculum developers at the Wash Woods Environmental Education Center to have his graduate capstone research developed into new science curriculum for Virginia students across the state.

From Capstone to Curriculum

Did you know that invasive feral pigs have been reported in at least 40 of the 50 states?

This past month, Robert Cox, recent Online Master of Natural Resource graduate, was personally invited to attend a writing workshop organized by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) and Project Wild. The workshop was centered around creating a feral hog curriculum based on one of the recommendations in his paper titled “Potential Impacts of Increased Feral Pig Populations to Virginia’s National Forests.” (more…)

Moroccan Tea

Having Tea in a Casablanca Slum

Casablanca is a city of glaring social inequalities, where the rich live alongside the poor. It is a city of both high-rise towers and slums. It is a financial and business center as well as a center of misery, unemployment and so on.”
(King Mohammed VI, Oct. 11, 2013) (more…)

Nigeria State Christmas Tree

Growing Connections and Getting Results

Prior to the Executive Masters of Natural Resources (XMNR), Maggie Striz Calnin was working for a consulting firm coordinating programs for the Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities Coalition to help in its mission of reducing the nation’s dependence on petroleum through local projects. Now? (more…)

Hugo in Morocco

How the XMNR is Preparing Me to be a Global Leader

On January 7th, two Muslim extremists attacked Charlie Hebdo, a satiric newspaper in Paris, carrying out an act that shocked the world and raised grave fears of more terrorist attacks. While a tense situation was developing in Europe with an increase of sentiments against Islam, I was, in contrast, experiencing the tremendous amount of beauty that the Islamic culture had to offer. I was visiting two Muslim countries – Morocco and Turkey – as part of my international residency (IR) with the Executive Masters of Natural Resources (XMNR). All the colors, textures, flavors, sounds and sights of these countries overwhelmed my senses. And the kindness and generosity of the people that offered to us their time, food, and other resources made me feel welcomed and safe. (more…)