Squirrels are one of the many species that benefit from biophilic cities.

Biophilic DC

For the last several months, a working group has worked on bringing the Sense of the Council on Biophilic Cities Resolution of 2015 to the Council of the District of Columbia. The group was composed of co-founder Stella Tarney of Dumbarton Oaks Park and the Sustainable Landscape Design Program at George Washington University, Chris Weiss of the DC Environmental Network, Anne Lewis of City Wildlife, John Hadidian of HSUS, and myself, among others. (more…)


A Champion for Sustainable Agricultural Practices

When Josh Nease set out in search of a master’s degree, he was looking for more than just your run-of-the-mill formal education provided by most universities. As the manager of Virginia Tech’s Catawba Sustainability Center (CSC), a nearly 400-acre farm in Catawba, Virginia, that researches sustainable farming practices, he sought a graduate school that offered both personal and professional growth. One that challenged his perceptions and broadened his understanding of natural resource management principles, especially at the global level. (more…)


Where Do Mobile Phones Go When They Die?

How would you feel if the mobile phone you just replaced with a newer model ended up here?

After I purchased my first smartphone a few years ago, I visited the mobile technology retail store where I had purchased the trusty but slightly outdated flip phone I was replacing, and asked if they would be able to take their product back and recycle it. The store employees admitted they had no idea what they would do with the phone, but they acknowledged that it was their branded product and agreed to take it back. I left feeling uneasy about where that phone would go next, but the experience prompted me to dig a bit deeper to find out.

RE.invest Report Cover

Growing Resilient Infrastructure

With global pressures from rising sea levels and expanding urban centers, resilient infrastructure is a proactive solution to protecting vulnerable communities. Smart design is an increasingly important component in tackling these new development projects, and new types of public-private partnerships are arising to help address the issue. CLiGS recently had the opportunity to interview Shalini Vajjhala about her experiences in trying to provide a link between traditional silos to overcome sustainable development challenges. This interview provides insight on the virtues of resilient infrastructure and practical skills needed for effective leadership. (more…)

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Report

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Sustainable Development or not?

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) broke ground on the Blue Nile River on April 2, 2011, and is expected to be completed in 2017, at which point it will be the largest dam in Africa. The GERD has the potential to transform Ethiopia into an energy exporter, driving needed economic growth, but at what cost? (more…)

Mandy Chesnutt

A Different Facet of “On-the-Ground”

“Working on what you care about makes work so much more interesting and fulfilling,” says Mandy Chesnutt, an alumna of the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) inaugural cohort. “I go home every night knowing I contributed to something bigger.” (more…)