Starting with a Concept
April 1, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

About a year or so ago I started working on a concept I had for a book about cities, environmental sustainability, and the unique problems we face in the Anthropocene.  And that, I can tell you, is no mean feat.  If it was easy, it would already be done.  But as the saying goes “nothing worthwhile is easy.”  In my case, never having written a book before, naiveté was the narcotic clouding just how challenging it would be.  Not because… Read More
Executive MNR International Residency to South Africa
February 29, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

Just last month, 29 graduate students from the Executive MNR (XMNR) spent 10 days in South Africa examining the intersection of water and environmental sustainability in a variety of contexts, both urban and rural.  The international experience serves as the capstone of the XMNR, and brings together lessons learned throughout the program including stakeholder analysis, teamwork, leadership assessment, and project management.  Led by yours truly and Holly Wise, the students authored seven case studies: Stone Fruit Production in the Western… Read More
Winter Field Experience to Morocco
February 1, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

In January, CLiGS’ International Fellow Selma Elouardighi led a 10-day field experience for online MNR students to the Moroccan cities of Rabat, Agadir, and Essaouira, with stops in Casablanca and BenGuerir.  The students formed four teams and examined projects related to sustainable industrial planning, climate resilient business planning, green cities, and corporate environmental responsibility. Selma is also leading the Center’s Green Entrepreneurship Morocco effort, a Department of State funded project,  aiming to promote the emergence of start-ups in recycling and… Read More
To Smoke or Not to Smoke, that is the Environmental Question!
May 25, 2015 — Thomas (T.J.) Franklin

For a minute, consider the environmental impacts of worldwide tobacco usage instead of the health risks that are associated with it. As a former smoker, the thought never crossed my mind to explore the cumulative effects of my choice to light up. When I became aware that over 5 trillion cigarettes per year are manufactured for human consumption, I felt this was worth exploring. (more…) Read More
Darin Liston is an affiliate at the Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability and an alumnus of the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) program.
Be the Example You Want to See
May 11, 2015 — Iris Picat

Wanting to break out of his Navy mold, Darin Liston pondered his next move. “I thought natural resources was a better fit for me in the long run; helping to save the planet,” rather than being a government contractor. When he saw the Executive Masters of Natural Resources (XMNR) program available in his own backyard in the National Capital Region, he was sold. (more…) Read More