The Art of Yes: Improvisation for Sustainability Leaders
July 1, 2014 — Patty Raun

Each of us needs to cross boundaries of all kinds and connect in meaningful ways with others. That common need is the basis for the approach to leadership communication that I bring to the Executive Master in Natural Resources (XMNR) program at Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) in Arlington, Virginia. (more…) Read More
Climate, Energy, and Cities: Learning By Doing
June 28, 2014 — Andrew Perlstein, Bruce Hull, Iris Picat

Cities are the solution to climate change. Cities can influence building and transportation systems, the two largest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions, with tools like land-use zoning, transportation infrastructure, and building codes. Cities are motivated to play a leading role in addressing climate change because they want to attract residents, businesses, taxes, and prestige, and can do so by developing thriving and secure, sustainable places to live and work.  Moreover, city governance tends to be pragmatic and effective. (more…) Read More
Sleeping Bear, Hidden Wilderness
June 19, 2014 — CLiGS

After a five year hiatus, not only does the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Conservation and Recreation Act mark a new wilderness area, it marks the end of the longest dry spell for wilderness action taken by Congress since the inception of the Wilderness Act in 1964. (more…) Read More
All XMNR environmental masters degree students complete an international field experience
XMNR IR – Three Year Legacy in Yunnan, China
June 16, 2014 — CLiGS

For the past three years, Virginia Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) -- an accelerated graduate degree program of the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) designed for full-time working professionals in business, government, and non-profit organizations focused on leadership for sustainability -- has sent a cohort of students on a 10-day international residency (IR) to Yunnan Province, China, to focus on sustainable development opportunities and challenges in the region. (more…) Read More