Conservation Hall of Fame Inductee
August 16, 2018 —
Joe Maroon, Executive MNR (XMNR) degree program faculty member and recognized leader in conservation for over 35 years, was inducted into the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD’s) Southeast Region Conservation Hall of Fame at a luncheon in Williamsburg, Virginia, on August 6, 2018 during the NACD Summer Conservation Forum and Tour and Southeast Region Meeting.  The Hall of Fame honors distinguished conservationists whose careers have resulted in the wise use of our nations precious natural resources upon which we… Read More
Drinking in Global Sustainability – Part I
August 13, 2018 — Lindsay Key

Croatians have a lot to be proud of this summer with the country’s successes in the World Cup. But another long-standing point of pride in Croatia is the quality of its water. “You can drink the water here—really,” emphasized a clerk at the Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb when he noticed our typical American request for bottled water in Europe. This summer, I traveled to Croatia with graduate students in the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability’s (CLiGS) Masters of Natural… Read More
Global Sustainability and the New Urban Agenda
August 6, 2018 — Marshall B. Distel

In October 2016, leaders and policymakers from around the world convened at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) in Quito, Ecuador to adopt an initiative known as the New Urban Agenda. More than 36,000 global leaders from 167 countries came together to promote a new model of sustainable urban development to better address social, economic and environmental issues within urban areas (Schindler et al., 2017). The Habitat III Conference was organized in an effort… Read More
A New Focus on Wetland Functions
July 30, 2018 — Emily Drahos

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Playing in the creek behind my childhood home, building zip lines in the woods with my brother, riding horses, hiking with my grandparents, camping with my father, and gardening with my mother and grandmother are some of my fondest childhood memories. While I still enjoy these activities, I now have a greater appreciation for nature. After studying and practicing wetland science, I realize that nature is not only beautiful; it is also beneficial. Wetlands… Read More
Building Trust
July 23, 2018 —
BY ALEC MASELLA – JULY 23, 2018.  Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) graduate Kelly Watkinson has taken her skills in sustainability leadership to the national level, now working as the Land and Climate Program Manager for the Land Trust Alliance. In this recent career shift from local land protection work to a national focus on sustainability leadership, she finds that her experiences in the XMNR program have helped her develop the credentials, competencies, confidence, and connections she needs to… Read More