Humanity’s Plastic Footprint (I)
April 23, 2018 — Gail Kulisch

[As a graduate student in Virginia Tech's Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR), Gail Kulisch has applied her 28 years of experience in the US Coast Guard protecting the maritime environment from harmful materials that degrade the health of our waters. In Part I of this four-part series, Kulisch will introduce us to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its impact on marine food chains.] In 1968, Garrett Hardin, a biology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, noted that not every problem… Read More
Authentic Problems, Transformative Learning
April 16, 2018 —
BY LINDSAY KEY – APRIL 16, 2018.  Master of Natural Resources (MNR) faculty member Dr. James (Jim) Egenrieder recognizes that students need to explore. That's why, as a teacher, he's always made a point to plan unique experiential learning excursions—"field trips"—for his students, most often in the form of an outdoor adventure. When Dr. Egenrieder first began his teaching career at Virginia Tech—after careers as a field biologist, Capital Hill policymaker, non-profit leader, STEM high school teacher, and SCUBA instructor—he received… Read More
Transboundary Elephant Conservation
April 9, 2018 — Neil Dampier

As a photographic safari guide I am fortunate to travel to unique and interesting wilderness locations. In January this year I had the opportunity to guide a safari to Zakouma National Park in Chad. Established as a national park in 1963, Zakouma is home to an abundance of diverse fauna and flora. However, Zakouma is also a place of great tragedy as well as hope. Between 2002 and 2010, intensive poaching reduced the park’s elephant population by 90%, to only… Read More
Sustainable Food
April 2, 2018 —
BY ALEC MASELLA – APRIL 2, 2018.  Jennifer Jones, Ph.D., describes food as “the physical manifestation of the world we live in.” A culture’s cuisine depends on the environmental conditions surrounding it, so maintaining those healthy conditions is crucial to food diversity and availability. Dr. Jones' course on Food Policy and Sustainability focuses on these issues which exist at the crossroads of conservation, economics, and sociopolitics. The course, which Dr. Jones has taught since 2011, is offered every Fall semester… Read More
Marc Stern
Navigating the Social Complexities of Sustainability
March 26, 2018 —
BY ALEC MASELLA – MARCH 26, 2018.   Executive and Online Master of Natural Resources professor Marc Stern, Ph.D., will be teaching a course titled NR 5884 TS: Navigating the Social Complexities of Sustainability this Fall 2018 term, challenging students to approach socio-environmental issues with practical and multifaceted solutions. The course revolves around problem solving through a variety of social science lenses. By providing students with a well-rounded set of critical thinking skills, they can become more likely to take on complex… Read More