Riding Into the Future: Equestrians, Cities, and Urban Ecology
July 16, 2018 — Martha Wehling

The world’s population is expected to increase over the next 40 years, with the almost all of the growth concentrated in urban areas. In the United States, current urban areas are expected to expand into megacity clusters, which will contain a significant (1/3 - 1/2) portion of the country’s GDP.1 These megacity clusters will likely include some of the country’s equestrian-focused areas. To ensure that riding facilities and their supporting services remain within the proximity of the dense human population corridors,… Read More
Boundary Spanning Leadership: Environmental Advocacy in the Chesapeake
July 9, 2018 — Elizabeth Hurley

June marks the midway point for VA Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resource students. In the XMNR program, students develop leadership, management, and administrative skills to achieve sustainability goals. Students spend the first half of the year developing and applying leadership skills to local sustainability challenges. During the summer, students expand their view and practice to include regional issues. At our June meeting, students examine environmental advocacy and the ways in which groups can influence and prompt change using various… Read More
Leadership in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
July 2, 2018 —
BY ALEC MASELLA – JULY 2, 2018.  The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability educates, inspires, and empowers professionals to achieve their career goals by offering credentials, competencies, connections, and confidence. Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) graduates Kate Fritz, Abbi Huntzinger, and Molly Brown are three of the many XMNR alumni that work as sustainability leaders in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. While their responsibilities vary, these graduate often collaborate and rely on the work of the others to ensure… Read More
Sustainable Cuba
June 28, 2018 — Robert Fried

Cuba has been ranked as one of the most sustainable countries in the world. But it also faces profound challenges as an island nation in the 21st century.  In 2018, the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLIGS) began to include Cuba on its list of countries its students will be visiting. Likewise, as the co-founder of Solstice, CLiGS’ longtime travel partner, I’m pleased to announce an opportunity for all our mutual friends and colleagues to experience Cuba. As many… Read More
Sustainable Cities in the Anthropocene
June 25, 2018 — Marshall B. Distel

As the global population continues to increase in the coming years, it will be imperative to plan for the development of cities and communities that are sustainable, efficient, equitable and livable. The interdisciplinary field of urban ecology can assist planners, designers and local governments with the creation of a vision to support future urban growth that is resilient and sustainable. Beginning in the late 1990s, urban ecology emerged as a field that integrated a diverse set approaches and disciplines to… Read More