SDGs & the Nexus
April 16, 2014 — Courtney Kimmel, Jill Knoll

In 2000, a set of eight ambitious development goals for the betterment of global society was agreed upon by all 183 member states of the United Nations.1 What became known as the Millennium Development Goals created a series of quantifiable targets to: (more…) Read More
Greening the Grey – Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Development
January 15, 2014 — Courtney Kimmel

Infrastructure supports our lives and livelihoods. It manages our access to food, water, energy, transportation, communication, waste disposal, and other critical services. It provides the foundation on which our communities, economy, and security are built and thrive or falter. The strength and resilience of our infrastructure systems are directly correlated to the strength and resilience of the places we live, now and into an uncertain future. Most of us take the infrastructure, and its resilience, for granted – until something… Read More
The Future of Offshore Wind Energy
January 6, 2014 — Sally Hopley

In the sustainability field, engagement and buy-in are crucial for creating change from “business as usual” to a sustainable situation that takes into account the triple bottom line of people, planet, and financial. As a sustainability analyst at Verdis and graduate of Virginia Tech’s XMNR program, I’ve learned the value of stakeholder engagement and speaking to different perspectives and perceptions. (more…) Read More
Trees showing off.
The Value of Nature to Business
December 4, 2013 — Darin Liston

Nature provides numerous benefits or "ecosystem services”.  These benefits are numerous: forests supply timber, purify air, and absorb storm water; river systems provide power, recreation, and habitat for commercially important fish; wetlands filter waste, buffer communities from flooding, and recycle nutrients. We all impact nature in our daily lives, affecting nature’s ability to continue to provide the services that we depend upon. (more…) Read More