Transboundary Resource Partnerships, or the International Society of Cat Herding
December 2, 2013 — Sally Parker

In early November, I singlehandedly severed trade ties between two nation-states. The scenario was enacted to allow candidates of Virginia Tech’s Executive Master of Natural Resources program to practice negotiating skills, and the topic at hand was the construction of Laotian dams along the Mekong against the wishes of its neighboring states. (more…) Read More
Greg Riegler Photography
Is Your Company Waterproof?
November 15, 2013 — Vestal Tutterow

Is your company waterproof?  It is likely your roofs are in good condition and leak-free, but what about your company’s ability to understand and manage risks arising from water scarcity and impaired water quality?  And what about risks within your supply chain?  Your company’s water supplies may be cheap and plentiful, but what about the future? (more…) Read More
Three graduate students from the 2014 Class of the XMNR program are leading a project to support WWF by studying “Innovations in Supply Chain Management” (left to right): Lise Blackburn, P.E. (of Pittsburgh, PA), and Spencer Cooper and Heeral Bhalala (both of Washington, DC).
CLiGS XMNR Students working with WWF on Supply Chain Innovations for Soft Commodities
November 15, 2013 — Barbara McCutchan

Three of the current Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) Cohort, Heeral Bhalala, Lise Blackburn P.E. and Spencer Cooper, have chosen to focus their Directed Study Project on a topic that both meets the need of their own professional development goals, and also those of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), namely finding innovations in supply chain management to feed a rapidly growing population on a fixed diet, the resources of one earth.  During their third semester of the XMNR, students are able to… Read More
recycling cans
Will the U.S. Ever Learn to Recycle?
November 4, 2013 — Heeral Bhalala

I never understood the low recycling rates in the U.S. until I came face to face with the folks that don’t recycle. Being that 65% of Americans don’t recycle, it shouldn’t have surprised me that I already knew some of them and interacted with them daily. Yet, it did surprise me and spurned my curiosity for why they chose not to recycle.  The main reasons turned out to be that: (more…) Read More
Does Your HOA Improve Sustainability?
October 30, 2013 — Claudia Thompson-Deahl

In the 60’s, there were approximately 500 Homeowner Associations or HOAs in the US. That number has grown significantly since that time. According to the Community Association Institute, there are now 62 million U.S. residents that live in an HOA and that number continues to rise. So, what is an HOA? They are a community of property owners that administer rules and regulations set by their deeds, and uphold the covenants of that particular HOA. Each HOA has different covenants,… Read More