recycling cans
Will the U.S. Ever Learn to Recycle?
November 4, 2013 — Heeral Bhalala

I never understood the low recycling rates in the U.S. until I came face to face with the folks that don’t recycle. Being that 65% of Americans don’t recycle, it shouldn’t have surprised me that I already knew some of them and interacted with them daily. Yet, it did surprise me and spurned my curiosity for why they chose not to recycle.  The main reasons turned out to be that: (more…) Read More
Does Your HOA Improve Sustainability?
October 30, 2013 — Claudia Thompson-Deahl

In the 60’s, there were approximately 500 Homeowner Associations or HOAs in the US. That number has grown significantly since that time. According to the Community Association Institute, there are now 62 million U.S. residents that live in an HOA and that number continues to rise. So, what is an HOA? They are a community of property owners that administer rules and regulations set by their deeds, and uphold the covenants of that particular HOA. Each HOA has different covenants,… Read More
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How to Build Relationships in Response to Environmental Opportunities
October 23, 2013 — Jim French

Leading a sustainability initiative requires both art and science to succeed.  It is largely about discovering shared goals and building relationships in response to opportunities in the environment.  Like community development, natural resource management depends on voluntary collective effort by diverse stakeholders.  Sustainability leaders are tasked with keeping an eye on the horizon- like a captain at sea- to capture warning signs of pending storms and, along with their crew, make adjustments in their course.  The signs in today’s world… Read More
Trees showing off.
Outsourcing Nature: Can a Fake Tree be Greener Than a Real Tree?
October 16, 2013 — Sally Parker

Your great aunt will be pleased to find out that artificial trees are making a stylish comeback! Not the artificial trees, which is arguably useless and requires dusting.  I once watched a man climb a ladder in a rest stop atrium to vacuum the leaves of a forest of fake trees. The ceiling overhead was composed entirely of skylights, for the record, but someone felt that fake trees were a good choice for that space. (more…) Read More
Dockside Green
Climate Change: A Call to Action for Engineering & Design Professionals
October 9, 2013 — Adam Efird

Climate change. It’s happening. Those of us in the engineering, design, and infrastructure industry have never before been presented with such a grand opportunity to affect economies and society like we are now. The scientific community has been telling us for some time now that the way we behave must change immediately if we are to prevent climate change from becoming catastrophic. It’s time for the infrastructure industry to fully embrace the crucial role we can play in moving society… Read More