New CLiGS Catalog
April 19, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

To provide a central clearinghouse for sharing faculty and student work CLiGS has rolled out a new Catalog feature in the website.  Featuring books, articles, case studies, and other products of the center, the Catalog should provide an easy means to see what the folks at CLiGS are up to. Read More
Spring Field Experience to India
April 15, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

Dr. Bruce Hull just returned from leading a 10-day experience to India for students in the online Master of Natural Resources (MNR).  The team spent time in the cities of Hyderabad and Delhi examining Source Water Protection in Peri-urban Agricultural Lands: A Case Study of the Community Capacity Building in Hyderabad India  and Water and Sanitation in Urban Disadvantaged Urban Populations: A Case Study of Governance Issues in Slums in Hyderabad India. Dr. Hull noted that “If you want to see… Read More
Virginia Tech CLiGS students in Bali. Photo credit Jocelyn_Widmer.
New Annual Alumni Travel
April 13, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

Beginning in the Summer of 2016 CLiGS will begin offering—at cost—an international experience for the alumni of the MNR degree—online and executive alike.  The first trip will travel to Bali, Indonesia, and will build on the work of the center team that visited last year.  The trip will combine cultural experiences, networking opportunities, and a visioning process to help CLiGS best serve its growing alumni population.  The Bali journey will be co-led by Dr. Marc Stern, who has been focusing… Read More
India as Anthropocene
April 8, 2016 — Bruce Hull

The choke points to global sustainable development are palpable here.  The cities are already massive and choking, but 70% of the building stock projected to exist in 2030 has yet to be built to accommodate hundreds of millions of rural poor immigrating to urban opportunity. Wells and rivers are running dry and farms are being abandoned for lack of water, yet more than 200 million people still lack water access. India contributes only 4% of global greenhouse gases, but emissions… Read More
Starting with a Concept
April 1, 2016 — Michael Mortimer

About a year or so ago I started working on a concept I had for a book about cities, environmental sustainability, and the unique problems we face in the Anthropocene.  And that, I can tell you, is no mean feat.  If it was easy, it would already be done.  But as the saying goes “nothing worthwhile is easy.”  In my case, never having written a book before, naiveté was the narcotic clouding just how challenging it would be.  Not because… Read More