From the Field

Islands in the Anthropocene
October 9, 2017 —
Photography Trip to Iceland and Cuba - May 2018 What do Iceland and Cuba have in common? Besides the fact that they are islands struggling for survival in the midst of rising seas and climate changes, they are both destinations for Dr. Michael Mortimer, and an intrepid group of photographers traveling with Photo Workshop Adventures in May 2018. Do you have a camera? Do you like to travel? Can you imagine experiencing these two polar opposite environments, back to back,… Read More
Desiree Di Mauro
Act Locally
October 2, 2017 — Desiree DiMauro

Our class had just finished watching a video about plastics and their impact on the environment. The students enthusiastically debated the best ways to influence public behavior – how could we get people to decrease their purchases of single-use plastic bottles and disposable plastic bags? The answer that the students came up with is the same one they come up with every semester – education! If people just understand the impact of their actions, they will change their behavior. Unfortunately,… Read More
Jenn Lawrence
Biopolitical Disaster
September 25, 2017 — Jennifer L. Lawrence

  It was as if God had decided to put to the test every capacity for surprise and was keeping the inhabitants of Macondo in a permanent alteration between excitement and disappointment, doubt and revelation, to such an extreme that no one knew for certain where the limits of reality lay. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude   In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez describes an ill-fated town named Macondo. Ironically, the oil prospect where Deepwater… Read More
Becky Patton
Climate and National Security
August 28, 2017 — Rebecca Patton

It is hard to put the threats posed by a changing climate into context when the news is filled with terrorist attacks, nuclear threats and a war that just seems to have no end.  Climate change seems to be almost frivolous, but unfortunately, it’s not.  So, what does that mean?  You can’t fight climate change with a gun or a missile or a submarine, so how is it a threat to national security?   First let’s look at some definitions.… Read More
Megan Draheim
What Qualifies as Urban Habitat?
August 16, 2017 — Megan Draheim

Most of the world’s human citizens now live in cities, and the percentage of people who do (as well as the percentage of urbanized land) is only going to grow. An awareness of urban biodiversity helps to dispel the myth that “nature” only happens away from the human-built environment. By that telling, humans are not part of nature, and this perspective has led to some of the most damaging environmental issues we’re currently facing. Understanding that humans are a part… Read More