MNR students contribute to report on the role of cities in the green economy for Rio +20 released by the USGBC, UNEP, and WBCSD
September 24, 2012 — CLiGS

MNR students Lorien Koontz and Laurie Henley both submitted case studies of innovative sustainability strategies being advanced by North American cities that were selected for inclusion in a joint report released by the US Green Building Council, the United Nations Environmental Programme, and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development as part of a campaign leading up the Rio +20 Earth Summit held in June. (more…) Read More
MNR adjunct faculty member Alan Thornhill named first chief environmental officer at Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
June 24, 2012 — CLiGS

Alan Thornhill, an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Natural Resources program, has been named the first ever chief environmental officer in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). The position, established as part of the U.S. Interior Department’s structural reform for offshore energy oversight, is designed to promote applied science in offshore energy and to ensure decision making is based on sound information and research. (more…) Read More
Long Way Home
One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Building Material
August 15, 2011 — CLiGS

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. In today's society, people are being urged more and more to follow these principles. Despite advances in sustainability practices and the increasing number of recycling programs, piles of trash get dumped in landfills every day. Litter clogs up ditches and lines streets and highways. Sometimes it seems like whole towns could be built out of the items we throw away. What if there were another way to solve this problem? What if it were actually possible to… Read More