Urbanizing China and its Effects on Biodiversity
March 18, 2015 — CLiGS

“Chinese cities, both large and small, are expanding everywhere, and this growth is fundamentally changing the country,” says Andrew Perlstein, Assistant Director of Executive Programs for CLiGS, about a rapidly urbanizing China. (more…) Read More
Jennifer Sevin and Muzaffer Uysal Named CLiGS Fellows
March 10, 2015 — CLiGS

Since the formation of the center in 2012, CLiGS has named 42 affiliates of which 34 are fellows of varying capacity. Each affiliate is chosen for their expertise and commitment to the center's mission, serving initial three-year terms, subject to renewal. (more…) Read More
Report - Urban Stormwater Runoff: the Grey and the Green.
Urban Stormwater Runoff: the Grey and the Green
March 9, 2015 — CLiGS

Stormwater runoff, and for some cities dry-weather runoff, is the largest source of pollution in our nation’s waters. Out of necessity, and because of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stricter enforcement of the Clean Water Act (CWA) statutes, cities are becoming leaders in the movement to better manage stormwater runoff. Some are designing and implementing green infrastructure (GI) approaches that are being watched closely as potential role models. Others are working hard to find the right balance between green and… Read More
Master of Natural Resources students with children from Delhi slums
Can Sustainable Livelihoods and Biodiversity Conservation Overlap in India?
February 11, 2015 — Iris Picat, Jennifer Sevin

Last month, in January, a group of CLiGS graduate students spent ten days in Uttarakhand, India, to conduct a cross-sector assessment of sustainable livelihood programs in the western Terai-Arc Tiger Conservation Landscape, using tiger conservation as a framework for their International Field Experience (IFE) project. (more…) Read More
Farmer in Brazil
Partnering Across Sectors to Reduce Amazon Deforestation
February 1, 2015 — CLiGS

The worlds’ landscape is constantly changing. Those who live in suburbs of thriving metropolitan cities might see their neighborhoods get built up seemingly overnight, while other changes might take decades or centuries or can only be seen on a global scale. No matter the development or challenge at hand, collaboration is key to achieving direction, alignment and commitment towards generating innovative solutions to complex problems. (more…) Read More