Student Spotlight

App Helps NPS Visitors ID Invasive Species
September 4, 2018 —
BY LINDSAY KEY – SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 When Online Master of Natural Resources (MNR) student Hope Fraser learned about a smartphone app developed to help people identify invasive species in their own backyards, she had one question: why don’t more people know about this? The app, called the Mid-Atlantic Early Detection Network (MAEDN) was developed in 2010 with funding support from Invasive Plant Control, Inc., the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with… Read More
Sustainable Cities in the Anthropocene
June 25, 2018 — Marshall B. Distel

As the global population continues to increase in the coming years, it will be imperative to plan for the development of cities and communities that are sustainable, efficient, equitable and livable. The interdisciplinary field of urban ecology can assist planners, designers and local governments with the creation of a vision to support future urban growth that is resilient and sustainable. Beginning in the late 1990s, urban ecology emerged as a field that integrated a diverse set approaches and disciplines to… Read More
From Forest Fire to MNR to Urban Forester
June 18, 2018 —
BY LINDSAY KEY – JUNE 18, 2018.  Colorado’s Waldo Canyon fire, which burned in June 2012 and caused major flooding, elimination of trees, soil erosion, and the evacuation of more than 32,000 Colorado Springs residents, had a major impact on the career of Virginia Tech Master of Natural Resources (MNR) graduate Rebecca Lamphear. “It changed my perspective on the natural landscape indefinitely, both personally and professionally,” said Lamphear, who was working as an Urban Forester for the City of Colorado… Read More
A Disappearing Act? The Reefs of Vieques
May 24, 2018 — Alexandra Novotny

The coral reefs surrounding Vieques have been subject to many destructive activities over the past few decades. After years of military exercises, large swaths of coral have been destroyed and are trying to recover. Current issues such as warming waters, strong hurricanes, and human impact are hindering progress and making matters worse. Without a plan for conservation and restoration, the reefs of Vieques may face a dim future. Similar to Puerto Rico, Vieques has extensive reef coverage offshore. Locals in… Read More
Humanity’s Plastic Footprint (II)
April 30, 2018 — Gail Kulisch

[As a graduate student in Virginia Tech's Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR), Gail Kulisch has applied her 28 years of experience in the US Coast Guard protecting the maritime environment from harmful materials that degrade the health of our waters. In Part I of this four-part series, Kulisch introduced the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its impact on the aquatic food chain. In this installment, she'll discuss why plastics are a such a persistent waste problem.] Plastics – Engineered to Last An important… Read More