Study Abroad, Indonesia Project (Summer 2019)

Travel with Professor Marc Stern to the Island of the Gods — Bali, Indonesia — to explore sustainability issues firsthand.  Bali, an island of temples, rice terraces, volcanoes, beaches, and reefs, is facing tremendous development pressures from a rapidly expanding international tourism industry and the demands that visitors place on local infrastructure and ecosystems.  We’ll explore some of Bali’s greatest challenges while also taking in its stunning cultural and natural beauty.  Critical areas of exploration may include how Bali is coping with both marine and land conservation issues in innovative ways.

Program Fee: 3 credit hours graduate tuition + $3300 project fee (covers lodging, in-country transportation, meals, translations services, etc.) + airfare.

IFE Travel Dates:  TBA

Prerequisite: NR5114 or approval by Dr. Kieran Lindsey