Study Abroad, South Africa Project (Summer 2019)

We explore and help stakeholder groups from the public, private, and civil society sectors advance innovative and collaborative ecological infrastructure initiatives to improve water quality and access in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal Provinces of South Africa. As the wealthiest nation on the African continent, South Africa boasts modern cities, beautiful landscapes, and incredibly rich ecosystems; at the same time it struggles with crippling inequities as a relic of the apartheid era, and a dire water future.  But through promising cross-sector partnerships, the water future of South Africa is looking brighter.  Taking a holistic approach and considering South Africa’s social and economic inequities, many water initiatives are both addressing environmental conditions, as well as improving quality of life by advancing access to clean water and creating job and market opportunities for people who need it.

Program Fee: 3 credit hours graduate tuition + $3300 project fee (covers lodging, in-country transportation, meals, translations services, etc.) + airfare.

IFE Travel Dates:  July 7-17, 2019

Prerequisite: NR5114 or approval by Dr. Kieran Lindsey