Study Abroad, Morocco Project (Spring 2019)

Situated on the northeastern tip of African continent where the Mediterranean Sea empties into the Atlantic, Morocco in some ways serves as a nexus of African, European, and the Middle Eastern markets and influence. This nexus has created interesting tensions for Morocco’s development agenda. Considered an Arab state by the United Nations, Morocco is at the same time faced with the challenges of an African developing nation, including high rates of urban migration and informal settlement, poverty, and malnutrition, while also working to maintain its competitive edge in a European-driven market. Governed as a constitutional monarchy that only established its independence from France a little over fifty years ago, Morocco is in a unique position to be quite intentional in its development trajectory – and it is.

Program Fee: 3 credit hours graduate tuition + $3300 project fee (covers lodging, in-country transportation, meals, translations services, etc.) + airfare.

IFE Travel Dates:  March 10-20, 2019

Prerequisite: NR5114 or approval by Dr. Kieran Lindsey