Graduate Education

There are three formats of our masters degree and two graduate certificate programs. Each breaks down spatial and disciplinary barriers and offers unique learning experiences.

Graduate Degree Programs

The interdisciplinary Master of Natural Resources (MNR) degree prepares students for employment and career opportunities in environmental conservation and sustainable development, especially new jobs emerging in an increasingly interconnected, urban, and global world.

Designed as a professional degree, the MNR is offered in four different formats to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse audience. Each of the MNR formats are 30-credit, non-thesis programs providing an interdisciplinary perspective, transformative experience, and international engagement as core elements of the curriculum. The MNR degree does not require a GRE for admission.

Executive Master of Natural Resources Program (XMNR)

We are committed to working with professionals from all disciplines and sectors to build capacity to lead towards a more sustainable future.

  • Accelerated 15-month, 30-credit degree format
  • Designed for full time working professionals with significant work experience
  • Meets one weekend each month in the Washington DC region
  • Includes a 10-day International Residency

Online Master of Natural Resources Program

  • Offered entirely online
  • Course-based (non-thesis)
  • Self-directed and flexible timeline
  • Curriculum includes participation in one International Field Experience

Global Master of Natural Resources Program (GMNR)

  • Emphasis on global sustainability challenges and strategies
  • Curriculum includes participation in three International Field Experiences
  • Combines online coursework with direct engagement
  • Self-directed and flexible timeline

Graduate Certificate Programs

Unsure about a full masters degree program? Or maybe you would like to take a few courses before you decide? Certificates are one way to earn graduate credit and receive formal recognition for the training in natural resource management you receive without enrolling in a full degree program. We offer three certificate programs for graduate and continuing education credit.

Graduate Certificate in Natural Resources (GCNR)

This 12-credit graduate certificate is designed for students and professional seeking graduate-level education and training in environmental and natural resource management. Students pursuing this certificate must complete 9 of the 12 credits with courses offered as part of the MNR degree program, including Conservation Ecology (NR 5724). The Graduate Certificate in Natural Resource Management is a good option for professionals seeking credentials in environmental and natural resource management, graduate students in another discipline looking to formalize their knowledge and training in an environmental field, and potential MNR degree students interested in exploring the course work and earning graduate credits before making a decision.

Graduate Certificate in Global Sustainability (GCGS)

This 9-credit graduate certificate is designed for students and professionals seeking training and experience in international sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability in emerging economies. Students pursuing this certificate must complete 3 of the 9 credits through participation and completion of one International Field Experience as part of NR 5114 Global Issues in Natural Resources (required course for the MNR degree). The six remaining credits must come from completion of two online NR elective courses. The Graduate Certificate in Global Sustainability is a good option for graduate students and professionals looking to gain formal international experience while earning graduate credits.