CLiGS Partner of the Global Water Partnership


The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability at Virginia Tech is proud to have been accepted as an official Partner of the Global Water Partnership.  The Global Water Partnership is an international network of 2,770 organizations, institutions, agencies, and companies in more than 167 countries committed to working towards a water secure world through the advancement of sustainable development and integrated water management at all levels.  As a Partner of the GWP, CLiGS has committed to the principles established under the Dublin/ Rio summits in 1992, including:

  • Fresh water is finite and vulnerable resource, essential to sustain life, development, and the environment
  • Water development and management should be based on a participatory approach, involving users, planners and policy makers at all levels
  • Women play a central part in the provision, management, and safeguarding of water
  • Water is a public good and has a social and economic value in all its competing uses
  • Integrated water resources management: the equitable and efficient management and sustainable use of water as an integral part of the ecosystem