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CLiGS’ focus on pragmatic solutions to complex sustainable development challenges is contingent upon working with the companies, organizations, agencies, and communities engaged directly in the work.  Along with other national and international organizations, these are the only parties who can influence and sustain the results we seek.  But none can do it alone – constructing sustainability requires working across organizational, sectoral, disciplinary, and jurisdictional boundaries to develop collaborative strategies and solutions.  As a result, many of the partners we work with are either directly engaged in this work or are looking to forge such partnerships.

Our partners include individuals, businesses, and government agencies. We work with local communities, federal agencies, transnational corporations, and other stakeholders on a variety of sustainability challenges facing society. CLiGS would like to thank the many organizations that advise and support our program. We look forward to finding new ways to collaborate and partner in the future! Please contact us to learn more about opportunities to partner with CLIGS programs & projects.

Some of the partners with whom CLiGS has worked include: