Desiree DiMauro

Desiree Di Mauro

Desiree Di Mauro is currently a professor of biology and environmental studies at both the Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) and at the Northern Virginia Community College, where her areas of expertise include endangered species management, Chesapeake Bay issues, and environmental education. She enjoys working with undergraduate and graduate students and passing along her love for the natural sciences. Her teaching is enhanced by her "real-world" experience working in both private industry and the Federal government (U.S. EPA, U.S. Coast Guard). Desiree feels that it's important to "think globally and act locally," so she is also very active in her community on environmental issues. She serves on the Town of Vienna VA's Community Enhancement Commission (an environmental advisory group to the Vienna Town Council), her church's Creation Care committee, and as a volunteer stream monitor for the county of Fairfax VA.

Special Interests

Ecology; endangered species; Chesapeake Bay policy; non-native species management; butterflies

Selected Publications

  • Determining the Effect of Urbanization on Generalist Butterfly Species Diversity in Butterfly Gardens. 2007.  Urban Ecosystems.
  • The effect of urbanization on butterfly species diversity. 2003.  PhD dissertation. 126 pp.
  • An assessment of an interpretive program for the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center. 2001. Conservation Biology.
  • Endangered Species and Public Attitudes toward protection -- A Cape May Case Study. Proceedings of the 11th Society for Human Ecology Conference, May 28-30, 1999.
  • Building Habitat Without Breaking the Bank. Proceedings of the American Defense Preparedness Association 22nd Environmental Symposium and Exhibition, March 18-21, 1996.


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