Cross-Sector Collaboration: Conserving the Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom

This paper explores the intricate relationships between the many organizations that exist and work in the Cape Winelands District of South Africa. Our team visited this area to investigate the nature of the relationships between the famers/wineries with the multitude of governmental, non-profit, and nongovernmental organizations. The Cape Winelands District produces the majority of the world-renowned wine in South Africa. The environment that creates these pristine grapes is home to the smallest of the six Global Floral Kingdoms and host to the fynbos, a biodiversity hotspot with a dense amount of endemic species. This situation, the fact that South Africa is a water-poor country, and has a long history of conservation, has pushed South Africans towards innovative and sustainable ways to preserve its scarce resources. This case study is based on an analysis of the strategies that the dedicated stakeholders of the Cape Winelands District use to work within the systems that exist in the District, and the outcomes of their endeavors.