Markets IconEfficiency gains, nor technological advances, nor clever marketing are enough to drive production and consumption to sustainable levels. It will require reassessing and reinventing the way business is conducted in both the private and public sector. Enterprise refers to a complicated undertaking that requires boldness and energy; CLiGS is interested in understanding and advancing enterprise that contributes to sustainability outcomes in its environmental, social, and economic sense.

Many enterprises are engaging in strategic planning and change management to improve their performance on a variety of sustainability metrics important to internal and external stakeholders. CLiGS focuses on the principles of organizational development and the rapidly evolving theory and practice of sustainable enterprise planning and management, including strategies and tactics of change management, stakeholder analysis and engagement, indicators and monitoring, transparency and accountability, communication, and, most of all, the leadership necessary to generate direction, alignment, and commitment for enterprise-wide change.

Selma Elouradighi
International Fellow
Bruce Hull
Senior Fellow; Faculty
Holly Wise
Senior Fellow, Faculty
Sena Zorlu
International Fellow