CLiGS in Croatia

Croatia is a small country with just under 5 million residents located in southeastern Europe with diverse landscapes and rich history, cultural heritage, and traditions. Its exceptional natural environment is comprised of picturesque rolling hills, pristine forests, dramatic karst topography, mountain ridges, fertile plains, and interconnected system of rivers and lakes—all teeming with wildlife and endemic species. The country has eight national parks, including the National Park Plitvice, which features an ecologically distinctive system of 16 lakes and 92 waterfalls and was declared UNESCO’s heritage site in 1979.

Croatian coastline along the Adriatic Sea, known as the ‘land of a thousand islands’ with the pristine beaches and crystal clear seawater, supports thriving fishing industry and tourism. The unique beauty of Croatian coastal settlements can be seen from the scenes of King’s Landing in the famous HBO’s TV series Game of Thrones filmed in the historic city of Dubrovnik.

Themes: urbanization, ecotourism, development pressures on ecologically sensitive environments, sustainability efforts.