Morocco IFE – Spring 2019

CLiGS in MoroccoSituated on the northeastern tip of African continent where the Mediterranean Sea empties into the Atlantic, Morocco in some ways serves as a nexus of African, European, and the Middle Eastern markets and influence. This nexus has created interesting tensions for Morocco’s development agenda. Considered an Arab state by the United Nations, Morocco is at the same time faced with the challenges of an African developing nation, including high rates of urban migration and informal settlement, poverty, and malnutrition, while also working to maintain its competitive edge in a European-driven market. Governed as a constitutional monarchy that only established its independence from France a little over fifty years ago, Morocco is in a unique position to be quite intentional in its development trajectory – and it is.

Themes: sustainable development, corporate sustainability, North Africa, governance

Virginia Tech semester:  Spring 2019
IFE Dates:  March 11 – 19, 2019
Faculty Lead:  Selma Elouardighi
Program Fee:  $3300 (does not include graduate tuition or international airfare)
Registration Deadline:  January 1, 2019 (as part of NR 5114 or NR 5954)

CLiGS International Field Experiences provide opportunities for graduate students and professionals to travel and gain international sustainability experience in rapidly developing regions of the world. Offered as part of a graduate level course through Virginia Tech’s Master of Natural Resources degree program (NR 5114 – Global Issues in Natural Resources), participants earn three graduate credits from Virginia Tech for their participation in the course and project. The course is conducted online, except for the ten-day fieldwork element conducted in China.  Graduate credits earned through this project can be applied to the Graduate Certificate in Global Sustainability, and the online and global formats of the Master of Natural Resources degree.