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      • May 02, 2019 Seven “soft skills” to stay professionally relevant

        According to a recent jobs report by the World Economic Forum, the future of the workforce will require interpersonal and leadership skills (e.g., empathy, collaboration), and this is as true for global sustainability professionals as it is for other careers.

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      • Apr 04, 2019 Is career coaching for you?

        The short answer is “yes!” Career coaching can be a useful tool before making any significant career move, no matter where you are in your professional journey. All students in Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability graduate programs now have the option to work with a career coach to help them figure out their next career milestone—may it be a step up, a pivot, or a strategic lateral move.

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      • Mar 04, 2019 Fairfax County Water Management – Part III

        Private developers are key players in the management of water within the County, as they can provide some of the best opportunities to achieve a sustainable future due to their real investment of resources in local communities. Fairfax County has several areas within it, which currently or will soon meet most definitions of what makes an area urban.

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      • Feb 25, 2019 Fairfax County Water Management – Part II

        [In Part I of his three-part series, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWR) graduate student Joe Riley-Ryan introduced the need for careful sustainability planning using Fairfax County, Virginia as an example. This week, Riley-Ryan dives deeper into issues such as watershed protection, grey water reuse, and protecting aquatic ecology.] Public water supply source protection and demand reduction have been implemented in a variety of ways in Fairfax County, Virginia. One of the two main drinking-water sources for the County is the…

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      • Feb 18, 2019 Fairfax County Water Management – Part I

        [In this three-part series, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWR) graduate student Joe Riley-Ryan provides an overview of current practices being employed in Fairfax County, Virginia, to ensure a safe drinking water supply, and promote the principles of urban ecology and sustainability. Additionally, Riley-Ryan offers his thoughts on opportunities for improvement.] It has become widely recognized that major populations centers currently impose stress on the natural environment and will increasingly do so in the future. These areas will require more…

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      • Feb 11, 2019 Leadership at Work: XMNR Alumni Jobs

        Addressing global sustainability requires innovation and leadership on the part of diverse stakeholders working together to solve complex problems at multiple scales. We already have sufficient science and technology to address most environmental challenges; what we lack is effective leadership to create new opportunities for sustainable development. Leadership begins with individual self-awareness so that you can listen to, communicate with, and influence others. Leadership also requires working with diverse team members on project management and organizational development. It requires knowledge…

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      • Jan 31, 2019 Sustainable Smart Mobility (Part I)

        [In Part I of this two-part series, Online Master of Natural Resources student Marshall Distel explores transportation infrastructure innovations and the potential role of autonomous vehicles in sustainable development and urban mobility.]

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      • Jan 24, 2019 Green Building for a Better World

        Ten years ago, when the term “sustainable development” was just starting to gain traction in Korea, I was beginning my career as an international “green building” specialist. The timing was perfect. I was new to the field, and as part of my role with a major construction project, I had the opportunity to complete a professional certificate in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Little did I know that it was the first step in a much longer journey that would literally take me around the world, including to the United States and India.

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      • Jan 10, 2019 Sustainable Urban Planning

        Online Master of Natural Resources (Online MNR) graduate, Allison Homer, is among the first employees at the brand new DC branch of EXP, an international firm which offers environmental planning, civil engineering, transportation, architecture, infrastructure, and sustainability services. Each day, Allison uses her experiences from the GMNR program courses, international field experiences, and her previous work to plan and implement sustainable transportation, environmental, and city planning solutions for the Mid Atlantic region.

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      • Dec 24, 2018 Slums of Hope (Part II)

        [In Part I of this two-part series, published on December 17th, Master of Natural Resources (MNR) student Janet Kirkton discussed the definition of the word “slum,” along with the hope and despair inherent in both the word and the living conditions in these informal settlements. In Part II, Janet calls attention to increasing migration from rural lands to urban centers, as well as the opportunities and challenges these migrants face.]

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