International Experiences

To prepare our students to be successful professionals in a very different future, CLiGS is continually building a network of partnerships and projects in rapidly urbanizing regions around the world. All formats of the Master of Natural Resources (MNR) degree require at least one international experience as part of the core curriculum, as do most of our certificate programs.

International Residency (IR)

The Executive MNR includes a semester dedicated to the completion of an International Residency designed specifically for each cohort, which includes 10 to 12 days of international travel. The purpose of the International Residency is to offer students an opportunity to network with global partners and apply lessons learned during the program to develop multi-scale strategies for global sustainability.

International Field Experiences (IFE)

The Online MNRGlobal MNR, and the Graduate Certificate in Global Sustainability require participation in an International Field Experience as part of the Global Issues in Natural Resources (NR 5114) course.