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Anamaria Bukvic


Anamaria Bukvic is a social scientist currently holding an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Geography at Virginia Tech. Her research is focused on coastal adaptation, resilience, vulnerability, environmental security, population displacement, and relocation. She uses qualitative and quantitative mixed-methods to study complex emerging issues in coastal rural and urban settings related to flooding. Anamaria’s projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Virginia to study impacts of chronic and episodic flooding on coastal communities. She is also a Fellow of the Early Career Innovators Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and an Associate Director of the Center for Coastal Studies at Virginia Tech.

  • Coastal hazards, adaptation, and resilience
  • Population displacement and relocation
  • Impacts of natural hazards and disasters on older adults
  • Flood risk management, vulnerability assessment, and scenario planning
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