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Kimberly Horndeski

Associate Professor of Practice

Kimberly Horndeski is a certified mediator, a facilitator, and the Executive Director for Community Consulting LLC. Her work focuses on integrating policy and science to engage stakeholders, develop strategic plans, promote collaboration, and transform conflict into successful strategies for the future. She has led multiple state and national working groups to overcome challenges and reach agreement. Her projects include bottom-up approaches, such as working with nonprofits to develop effective strategies to engage elected officials in adopting initiatives, and top-down approaches, such as assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to incorporate stakeholder values throughout the nation in the decision-making process for federally-listed threatened and endangered species. 

Kimberly knows that it is not science alone that produces positive outcomes. It is the ability to engage key stakeholders and integrate scientific information into a values framework utilizing best management practices identified in social science research that enables the development of creative and lasting solutions for the future.

Currently, Kimberly serves on the Leadership Council of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Environment and Public Policy Section to develop a media outreach campaign on how conflict can lead to positive change, and on the Board of the International Association of Public Participation to promote sustainable public participation practices internationally.


  • Natural Resource Management
  • Collaboration
  • Public Policy and Public Participation
  • Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Structured Decision Making