Food & Agriculture

FoodAg IconHow do we adequately feed more people better food while reducing environment impacts and advancing economic development? This may be the most critical challenge of the 21st Century. Our food system already may be unsustainable, using more land and water and causing more erosion and pollution than anything else we do. Our agricultural production system is intractably intertwined with the major issues of our day: climate, energy, water, biodiversity, poverty, and human health.

Taking a systems perspective, CLiGS is exploring and advancing the strategies and interventions different stakeholders are deploying in global food and agricultural systems. From affecting consumer preference through choice editing and certification systems, to influencing chefs and dietary preferences, to supply chain management strategies that mitigate risk factors, to larger market-scale interventions through regulation and market corrections, to innovations in local and urban food systems, CLiGS is interested in how these practices are coordinated and carried out to affect the sustainability of the global food and agricultural system while promoting public health and economic development.

Bruce Hull
Senior Fellow; Faculty
Courtney Kimmel
Fellow, Faculty