Engagement Practices

As the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS), we are particularly interested in helping people influence and mobilize decision-making towards more sustainable forms of development. To affect meaningful and lasting change, this form of leadership needs to come from all sectors and a wide-range of professions, disciplines, cultures, and ideologies, because sustainability challenges occur at the nexus of economic, ecological, and social systems.  Through our engagement, research, graduate and professional education programs, CLiGS builds capacity within individuals to be agents of change from within their organizations, communities, professions, and networks to strategically intervene and transform systems.  At the core of the practices and strategies CLiGS is advancing is collaboration and leadership for sustainable development.

Jerry Abrams
Senior Fellow
Bruce Hull
Senior Fellow; Faculty
Courtney Kimmel
Fellow, Faculty
Kieran Lindsey
Fellow; OMNR Director, Assoc. Director of Online Programs
Michael Mortimer
Senior Fellow, Founding Director, Faculty
Patty Raun
Fellow; Faculty
David Robertson
Senior Fellow, XMNR Director, CLiGS Associate Director
Marc Stearn
Fellow, Faculty
Emily Talley
Senior Fellow; Faculty
Holly Wise
Senior Fellow, Faculty