UrbanAround 2010, we quietly crossed a threshold in the history of society in which more than half of the global population lived in urban areas. By 2050, between seven and eight out of every ten people living on Earth will be part of a city. Cities offer promising opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and improved quality of life that contribute to measures of development, but they also exert pressure on the systems that support them. Ecosystem services, food and water supply, energy delivery and consumption, waste and water management systems, and social infrastructure systems are all taxed as population and density increases, and need to be managed accordingly to ensure environmental sustainability and continued improvements in social conditions.

Taking a systems approach, CLiGS is exploring and advancing the interventions different stakeholders are deploying to affect the sustainability of urbanization as a process and the systems that support cities.

Seth Brown
Bruce Hull
Senior Fellow; Faculty
Courtney Kimmel
Fellow, Faculty
Kieran Lindsey
Fellow; OMNR Director, Assoc. Director of Online Programs
Daniel Marcucci
Fellow, Faculty
Michael Mortimer
Senior Fellow, Founding Director, Faculty
David Robertson
Senior Fellow, XMNR Director, CLiGS Associate Director