CLiGS in India

CLiGS in IndiaWith close to 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s largest democracy facing a host of promising yet daunting growth trends. Along with population growth, literacy rates and life expectancy are increasing. Food production has largely kept pace with population growth. Until very recently, GDP growth was among the fastest in the world, with projections that it could become the world’s fifth largest economy by 2025. Much of this growth has been concentrated in India’s urban centers, but the impacts of rapid urbanization are not limited to city centers.  This simultaneously drives urban expansion and rural to urban migration.

The CLiGS India program explores the topics of water security, climate mitigation, and poverty. In 2021, students and faculty will once again meet with representatives from several different organizations in India that are engaged in addressing these critical issues.  With one third of the country’s population living in poverty and increasing pressures from rapid urbanization and environmental degradation, now is an ideal time to explore sustainability challenges in India.

Kieth Goyden
Fellow and Global Faculty
Bruce Hull
Senior Fellow; Faculty