CLiGS in the National Capital Region & Chesapeake Bay Watershed

CLiGS in NCRCLiGS is based in Arlington, Virginia; just over the Potomac River from Washington DC in what is referred to as the National Capital Region. This booming metropolitan area that includes the District of Columbia, areas of Northern Virginia, and a few counties in Maryland is home to around 5.5 million people and is considered one of the most educated and among the most affluent metropolitan regions in the US. As the nation’s capital, the National Capital Region is a place alive with diversity, bright minds, lively debate, inspiring innovation, and the potential for powerful decision-making that has global to local impacts. Coursing through this same region are tributaries to the nation’s largest estuary system that presents an equally complex governance challenge.

With a watershed that extends into six different states and the District of Columbia, and is home to 17 million people, the Chesapeake Bay watershed has become a laboratory for testing different collaborative governance and environmental policy models, innovative urban development strategies and policies, community-based conservation models, and much else. And the CLiGS headquarters based right in Arlington puts us right in the center of the action. From our offices in Virginia Tech’s LEED Silver certified research center, CLiGS has the opportunity to work with local, state, and federal scale organizations, agencies, and individuals to explore what leadership for sustainability demands at home as well as abroad.