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Students in our interdisciplinary graduate degree programs gain the knowledge, skills, and ability to influence a broad range of sustainability challenges in local communities, the workplace, and throughout global society.

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About The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability 

Founded in 2014, the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) equips current and aspiring environmental and sustainability professionals with the credentials, competencies, connections, and confidence to become more effective leaders, now and in the future.


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      • Feb 19, 2020 Global Study, Part 3: How Egypt Changed My Sustainability Perspective

        In November 2019, Executive Master of Natural Resources Jerry Headley traveled to Egypt with his XMNR cohort to take an in-depth look at environmental sustainability issues in the Cairo and greater Nile River Valley regions. Egypt is an especially relevant country to study as it faces many sustainability challenges, including: overpopulation of urban areas, water scarcity, pollution, and an underdeveloped infrastructure, just to name a few. Students have been studying sustainability issues for months in their classrooms in Arlington, VA. Like the rest of his classmates, Jerry was excited to be in the country and attempt to couple a sense of experience with his newfound knowledge. Little did he know just how important this would prove to be.

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      • Feb 12, 2020 Global Study, Egypt, Part 2: Traveling More Sustainably, a Beginner’s Guide

        XMNR alum Jessi Savioli reflects on sustainability of travel and offers tips and ideas for the conscientious traveler. "There is nothing I enjoy more in this world than travel," she says. "Whether it is exploring the far-reaching wild spaces in my own country or getting lost in a foreign culture on another continent, I feel positively alive. But how do we, as sustainability professionals, do this in a way that doesn’t effectively 'cancel out' all of our efforts and hard work? How can we travel in a way that is as ethical and responsible? And how can we consider ourselves to be 'global citizens' when travel can cause so much damage?"

      • A farmer and his sons at the Island of Besaw in Egypt prepare the land for agricultural production.
      • Feb 04, 2020 Global Study, Egypt, Part 1: Climate Change, Water, and Agriculture

        Nguyen Le works for the Chesapeake Bay Trust, a nonprofit grant-making organization focusing on the protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. In the fall of 2019, she visited Egypt as part of her XMNR cohort's Global Study, a standard module in all our graduate programs where students have an opportunity to apply academic knowledge to real-world global sustainability challenges. In this post, Nguyen reflects on her experiences in Egypt and the leadership capabilities and confidence she gained in the XMNR program.