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The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) is part of Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment. The CLiGS mission is to educate, inspire, and empower sustainability professionals to create a better future for people and our planet.

Because our graduate students are often working professionals and are actively engaged in a wide range of environmental firms and agencies around the country, our faculty are skilled in designing and delivering courses that are specifically tailored to the needs of these students.  

Many of our faculty are working professionals themselves, well able to share their own experiences with the students. Likewise, our faculty around the world bring decades of experience in international settings to our Global Study experiences.

I am proud to be able to work with such committed and accomplished faculty who work hard on  providing the best possible learning experience for all of our students.

Michael J. Mortimer

Dr. Michael Mortimer
Associate Dean, Washington, D.C. Area
Founding Director

Arlington, VA & Blacksburg, VA