• Cape Town Intersection (Photo: Michael Mortimer)
      • 09/12/2019 Environmental Security is a Matter of Equity

        South African director Neill Blomkamp’s science fiction social commentary film Elysium sees wealthy elites in the near future removing themselves from planetary resource scarcity... literally. By abandoning a wrecked Earth for a utopian existence in an orbital space habitat, these elites effectively shield themselves from the shortages of water, energy, healthcare, housing, and other human necessities on the Earth below.

      • art installation of hands holding a building
      • 08/12/2019 Sustainability Professionals and the World Around Them

        In 2014, through its core course Global Issues in Environmental Sustainability, CLiGS began providing international experiences for all of its students. Starting with its first program in China, CLiGS now offers study opportunities in China, Morocco, India, South Africa, Croatia, and Cuba. In 2020, Argentina, Iceland, and Spain will be joining the roster. Because CLiGS’s students are so often working professionals, our study experiences are designed to accommodate their schedules—they run from 10 to 12 days, and tie directly to the semester-long course content.

      • glacier
      • 08/09/2019 Climate change: a new twist on a very old story

        More than 80 percent of adults in the United States now believe that climate change (i.e, global warming) is happening. However, only slightly more than 50 percent believe that humans are responsible (Pew 2018). Despite the established scientific consensus that our current climate crisis is the result of human activity, nearly half of the adult U.S. population still don’t believe it! And yet, there is more to this story; much more. I suspect that only a very small percentage of people know that humans have been contributing to climate change in significant (and positive) ways for thousands of years.

      • Holly Wise
      • 07/09/2019 Sustainable Brands Founder Calls for Courageous Optimism

        The Sustainable Brands Conference drew over 2,000 people to Detroit’s Cobo Center the first week of June, for inspiration and exchange around global and local sustainability topics. The Sustainable Brands CEO and Founder KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz set the stage by calling for courageous optimism in facing the challenges of saving the planet, despite the daunting data shared at the event: 60% decline in vertebrate species since 1970 The Amazon River is near its tipping point of 25% species loss 60–100…

      • architecture drawing
      • 07/02/2019 CLiGS Instructor Brings EPA Experience to Private Sector in Green Infrastructure

        Turning sustainability goals into action can be an arduous process, requiring skills in mass communication, civics, economics, and corporate management. Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability Online Master of Natural Resources instructor Dominique Lueckenhoff has made outstanding efforts to prepare students to navigate the complexities of sustainable action. In bringing together her experiences with private-sector business models, academia, government regulatory/non-regulatory programs, and collaborative problem-solving, Lueckenhoff offers her students a broad…

      • Walston Wisteria
      • 06/25/2019 Applying XMNR Lessons in the Field

        When considering grad school, people often wonder whether the investment of time, effort, and resources will pay off. And if so, when? Tyler Walston is currently about half-way through the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) graduate program at the Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, and what he's learning in class, and through team and individual assignments, he has applied directly to his current job responsibilities.

      • India meeting Hull
      • 06/18/2019 India Series, Part 3: Rural Development Dilemma

        Study tours help sustainable development professionals experience globally relevant challenges and innovations. In India, teachable moments abound, as was the case recently when I led a group of graduate students from Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS). India’s development trajectory will likely be the most significant in human history and thus the most consequential for global sustainability challenges.

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