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    Hope is NOT a Sustainability Strategy
    Hope is NOT a Sustainability Strategy , article

    Jeffrey Merritt, XMNR alum, discusses the global challenges people are facing in the Anthropocene (climate change, food insecurity, poverty, and more) and explores strategies to address these challenges that he has learned through his graduate school studies. Jeffrey is the Market Vice President in Roanoke, Virginia, where in addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations in the Roanoke Market, he also serves as executive sponsor for Virginia’s Cox Conserves program and is Virginia’s Incident Commander for Business Continuity.

    Date: Jun 16, 2020
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    solar panels installation
    The Rise of the Climate Professional , article

    Global economic downturn is making it harder for societies to respond to catastrophic events caused by climate change. XMNR Program Director Dr. David Robertson talks about why we need climate professionals now and shares resources and platforms where current and aspiring climate professionals can learn, connect, and collaborate.

    Date: Jun 23, 2020
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    Climate adaptation strategies in times of COVID-19
    Climate adaptation strategies in times of COVID-19 , article

    COVID-19 has taught us that quick adaptation is key to survival. Can we apply the same lesson to climate change? Dr. Paul Wagner emphasizes the importance of social adaptation in his upcoming Climate Adaptation course. Apply by the August 1st deadline to enroll in our Online MNR program and Dr. Wagner's course.

    Date: Jul 21, 2020

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