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Bruce Hull


Bruce writes and teaches about leadership for sustainable development in the Anthropocene and how to influence change in the cross-sector space where government, business, and civil society collaborate. He has researched and published on social science topics that support environmental management, but in last decade or so realized that he can have a greater impact by helping professionals enhance their impact and influence, i.e., leadership. Bruce argues that, here on the cusp of the Anthropocene, sustaining development depends more on mobilizing people to meet current challenges than it depends on better science and technology. Towards that end, he has helped colleagues at CLiGS develop and deliver the Executive Master of Natural Resources graduate degree for working sustainability professionals.

Bruce leads or co-leads graduate study abroad programs, often to India. He is President of the Board of a nonprofit, Climate Solutions University, whose mission is to help communities adapt to climate change, work across jurisdictional boundaries, and protect vulnerable citizens and the natural resources on which they depend. His research program focuses on illustrating and understanding systems thinking. Bruce also studies the pedagogy for teaching leadership content and is always on the lookout for leadership for sustainability case studies material.

  • Collaborative, integrated, innovative conservation strategies that heal forests fractured by urbanization and globalization
  • Conflict resolution of contested natural resource dilemmas
  • Sustainability
  • Engagement with civic groups