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Heather E. Eves

Professor of Practice

Dr. Heather E. Eves is actively engaged in working in teams and coaching conservation professionals, and the pursuit of evidence-based problem solving in conservation and development. She is a wildlife biologist and conservation professional, having studied and worked internationally with a focus in Africa since 1985 and the Caribbean since 2012. She also consults on wildlife conservation and capacity development projects and teaches graduate courses at multiple universities. Heather runs a professional coaching business, Heather E. Eves, LLC, where she coaches conservation professionals in their career planning. As a Certified Coach from an ICF Accredited Program, she is one of 22 Certified Conservation Coaches with the Conservation Coaches Network that trains teams in the Conservation Standardsā€”a training she has offered to field teams since 2008 and at Virginia Tech CLiGS since 2010.

  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation planning
  • Conservation and developmentĀ 
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