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Where Will Graduate School Take You? 

Every MNR student participates in a ten-day Global Study experience to engage with real-world global sustainability challenges. We follow Virginia Tech’s travel and study abroad policies to inform our decisions on destinations and timing. 

Developing intercultural competence

The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability is committed to advancing the knowledge and practice of environmentally sustainable development in a rapidly urbanizing and globalizing world. To gain insights and provide our students with direct global experience, we have developed a strong network of partners and projects in various parts of the world. 

Each semester, our programs provide opportunities for graduate students and professionals from all disciplines and sectors to participate in these experiences and projects through our standard ten-day Global Study, a required part of our MNR degree.

All students have the opportunity to engage in a cultural competence assessment, the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), administered by trained faculty members. Students in the XMNR program take the 50-question assessment upon entry into the program, and students in the MNR (Online) program take it as part of the Global Issues in Environmental Sustainability required core course.

Can you choose your destination? 

Master of Natural Resources (Online) students have a choice of several destinations offered during their study period, including an option to receive graduate credit with travel to multiple countries. Please see individual country descriptions to help in your planning.

Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) students  travel with their cohort to a location chosen by the program faculty.

For the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) students, the Global Study destination for each cohort is chosen by the faculty. Previous XMNR Global Study locations have included China, Egypt, India, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey.

Students in the Master of Natural Resources (Online) are able to choose from the Global Study options offered while they are degree-seeking in the program. Upcoming 2024 locations, focused on sustainability and ecosystems, include Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand. 

Past MNR locations for Global Study include: Argentina, Bali, Brazil, China, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, and Switzerland.

Is it covered by tuition? 

  • Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) tuition includes all costs associated with a Global Study, except international airfare. 
  • Master of Natural Resources (Online) students pay an additional fee of $3,650 plus international airfare for each Global Study trip. 

Unable to travel abroad? 

If your circumstances might prevent you from traveling abroad for medical reasons, please discuss options with our admissions advisors when you inquire about the program.