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TJ Franklin, XMNR
TJ Franklin – Preparing for Transition to Civilian Life
Although not retiring his military apparel just yet, Thomas (TJ) Franklin, current Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) student, is…
The Mutual Benefits of Managed Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas
Overfishing is becoming a focus-issue among marine conservationists in light of food security challenges and economic trends. Zach Hoffman, a…
Mark Wieder
Why I Went Back to School for a Second Graduate Degree
Are you currently facing the tough decision of whether or not to pursue a professional level degree, or are you…
Rebecca Lamphear and classmates in India for their International Field Experience in January 2015
My Glimpse at Different Conservation Solutions in India
As I arrived at the airport and prepared to meet my classmates from the Online Master of Natural Resources program…
Moroccan Tea
Having Tea in a Casablanca Slum
"Casablanca is a city of glaring social inequalities, where the rich live alongside the poor. It is a city of…
Hugo in Morocco
How the XMNR is Preparing Me to be a Global Leader
On January 7th, two Muslim extremists attacked Charlie Hebdo, a satiric newspaper in Paris, carrying out an act that shocked…
RE.invest Report Cover
Growing Resilient Infrastructure
With global pressures from rising sea levels and expanding urban centers, resilient infrastructure is a proactive solution to protecting vulnerable…
Leading the Way from Forests to Faucets
Forests improve our drinking water: nearly 75 percent of the Northeast and Midwest region’s population relies on forests to reduce…
sustainable food
Navigating the World of Food
Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS) offers a variety of professional development and education programs that generate…
Darin Liston is an affiliate at the Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability and an alumnus of the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) program.
Be the Example You Want to See
Wanting to break out of his Navy mold, Darin Liston pondered his next move. “I thought natural resources was a…
Mandy Chesnutt
A Different Facet of “On-the-Ground”
“Working on what you care about makes work so much more interesting and fulfilling,” says Mandy Chesnutt, an alumna of…
Robert Cox, an Online Master of Natural Resources alumnus, met with scientists and curriculum developers at the Wash Woods Environmental Education Center to have his graduate capstone research developed into new science curriculum for Virginia students across the state.
From Capstone to Curriculum
Did you know that invasive feral pigs have been reported in at least 40 of the 50 states? This past…
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More in Morroco
Being in Morocco this week for the United Nations COP22 climate conference is an opportunity to witness a coming together of people from all over the world, all concerned with climate change. Individuals, NGOs, governments, and the private sector. That last group is one of the most interesting. Companies and start-ups are here to demonstrate and develop the value propositions that exist in solvingclimate change. Let that sink in—there is money to be made in addressing the most daunting global challenge of our era. Serving on… Read More
Despair and Inspiration
[The following remarks were delivered at the November 2016 XMNR X17-Cohort meeting.] I wanted to share a few words with all of you following the results of the presidential election just two days ago. I imagine that sounds a bit funereal, a bit maudlin. I struggled with what to say, given that there are people in this room that I’m sure voted on opposing sides. But I thought it important, as Center Director, that I say my piece. It appears from the county-by-county election… Read More
XMNR Alumni Peter Burke Leads ISO Environmental Standards Course with QMII
We are pleased to announce that one of our XMNR Alumni, Peter Burke, has developed in partnership with on-line learning site, QMII University (QMII) an Introduction to ISO Environmental Standards web course. This new course, Introduction to ISO Environmental Standards, is offered on the QMII website and covers new ISO standards, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 and the application of those requirements to environmental management. The International Standards Organization (ISO) system is used to set requirements for standards used in the production of… Read More
Making the World Safe for Sovereignty
In April of 2016, United States’ President Barack Obama visited the United Kingdom. His purpose, at least partially, was to make plain the U.S. position on the proposed exit of Britain from the European Union — the so called "Brexit." Appearing alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, a staunch opponent of Brexit, President Obama urged Britain to remain in the EU, to continue playing an EU leadership role. In the days leading up to Cameron and Obama’s stage show, former London mayor… Read More
Blogging in ‘Blandcouver’
I am in Vancouver as I write this.  One in every four or five cars here in the city's central business district seems to be a German or Japanese luxury marque, with the occasional Bentley or Maserati sprinkled in for flavor.  Window shopping at a real estate brokerage demonstrates the nearly inconceivable prices for housing anywhere near the city center.  The affluence here is palpable.  With easy access to Asia, a mild maritime climate, an inviting combination of mountains and the sea,… Read More
2017 Executive MNR International Experience to India
In January 2017, the 28 student graduate students in the current cohort of the Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) program will travel for 10 days to the Indian cities of Delhi and Jodhpur.  Along with three CLiGS faculty members — Bruce Hull, Michael Mortimer, and Holly Wise — the students will be tackling a series of case studies in the two cities, spread across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.  The international experience serves as the capstone of the XMNR program.  If you’ve… Read More
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The End of Expertise: And Why That Is A Giant Problem for the Anthropocene
Two game-changing coattails that Trump road to the presidency are fake news and distrusted expertise. They also usher into mainstream…
Population is Not the Problem
The “population bomb” narrative is problematic for sustainable development professionals and advocates. We should not put ourselves in the unpopular,…
The Right Tool for the Job…
[...or Why I Chose Virginia Tech's Master of Natural Resources Degree] I always loved the outdoors and envisioned a career…
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The Right Tool for the Job…
[...or Why I Chose Virginia Tech's Master of Natural Resources Degree] I always loved the outdoors and envisioned a career… Read More
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