Jennifer Lawrence

Jenn Lawrence

Jennifer is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at The Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience at Virginia Tech where she works collaboratively on issues at the intersection of political economy and the environment. Her current research projects examine contradictory practices and processes of accumulation by dispossession related to resource extraction and socio-environmental (in)justice. Her work highlights the tension between chronic and acute socio-environmental disasters that account for self-legitimating cycles of disaster production and response. She is also exploring artistic forms of political resistance. Prior to coming to Virginia Tech, Jennifer earned a Master of Science in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where her research focused on the political economy of natural resource conflicts. In addition to her academic career, Jennifer has worked in a number of capacities on a range of international issues including: European Union energy policy while she was the Executive Director at the Foundation on Economic Trends; human trafficking and debt relief during her time in the US House of Representatives; and a number of international development projects while consulting for USAID in Jordan.

Selected Publications