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Jennifer Hoffman

Professor of Practice

Jennifer Hoffman has been broadly engaged in the field of climate change adaptation for almost two decades. She uses targeted research, direct engagement, and capacity development to help groups and organizations integrate climate considerations into conservation, planning, and natural resource management efforts. She has helped to deliver workshops and trainings to more than 1,700 people on topics including decision analysis, scenario planning, climate change vulnerability assessment, and adaptation planning. Project and training locations have spanned Latin America, Oceania, Africa, and North America, with partners and participants including charitable foundations; non-governmental organizations; citizens’ groups; and national, state, local, and tribal governments. She is author or co-author of several books and reports, including Climate Savvy: Adapting Conservation and Resource Management to a Changing World. She has a PhD in marine ecology, but when environmental problems seem daunting she calls on her undergraduate degree in geology for a long-term perspective that keeps her chipper.

  • Scenario planning
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Values and tradeoffs
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