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Seth Brown
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Seth Brown, P.E., is Principal and Founder of Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC. His 20-year career in the water sector includes areas ranging from fluvial geomorphology to technical training to policy/legal aspects, but his passion is stormwater. He has focused on design, analysis, and modeling of natural water systems such as stream assessment and restoration, watershed management, and GIS services, as well as development and delivery of technical training focused on erosion and sediment control.

In his capacity as the WEF Stormwater Program and Policy Director, Seth led WEF’s stormwater program by working with WEF members and others in the stormwater community to identify technical needs in the field and work to develop programming and products to meet these needs. He engaged in partnerships with outside groups on collaborative efforts to further the stormwater profession and topic. This position also involved tracking upcoming Federal legislative and potential regulation changes relevant to the stormwater and wet weather community, as well as providing general policy support on water sector issues. He now has transitioned back into the private sector, but still lends support to WEF’s stormwater program as a Senior Stormwater Advisor on key technical and policy issues in a part-time role.

Seth is currently a Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University focusing on water policy, economics, and systems engineering; more specifically, his area of research is on the use of agent-based modeling to simulate the adoption of green stormwater infrastructure on private property through the use of non-traditional approaches, such as incentive-based programs, market-based frameworks, and public-private partnerships (P3s). He has an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Maryland - College Park, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Christian Brothers University.